Six Tips to Manifest More Abundance

One of the big things I find when it comes to manifestation, is that us humans love to overcomplicate things.

We think we need to have superpowers or hours of meditation to activate our manifestation ability

But guess what? Manifestation can be fun and easy.

In fact, the more fun and play you bring to your manifestation, the more you become a magnet for that which you seek.

So, let’s dive into some really simple but powerful tools that you can use every single day.

1. Gratitude

Manifestation is not a thinking process, it’s a feeling process – and we often find it challenging to feel deep, genuine happiness.

That’s why gratitude is an incredible tool that allows us to move into higher vibrational emotions.

Now, most people make the mistake of using gratitude as a sort of routine checklist, but the purpose of practising gratitude is to really feel that incredible energy of abundance and joy.

And we can also feel grateful for more than what we have in the current moment, we can also be grateful for the things that we want to manifest in order to call them in sooner. How cool is that?

A great exercise I love to play with is the “I love…” exercise. I go around stating how much I love the things I experience throughout the day.

Why? Fall in LOVE with your life and life has to fall in love with you.

2. Curiosity

We can actually tap into more abundance by getting curious about the world and asking questions like…

 “I wonder what it would look like if I was to go off and start that business? I wonder what it would look like if I was to learn a new skill? I wonder what it would look like to go contact that person and get to know them?

When we allow ourselves to become curious about the future, we put those desires out into the quantum field of infinite possibilities.

And if and when we are a vibrational match for that which we are curious about, then trust that it will manifest into your physical reality exactly when it needs to.

3. Look within

If you’re having trouble manifesting what you want and you’re feeling stuck, one of the best ways you can raise your vibration is to cut out the noise and distraction and look within yourself.

It’s through the deep inner work and releasing that which no longer serves us, that we make room for what we truly want and naturally rise to a more abundant vibration.

So genuinely, the quickest way that you can manifest more abundance in your life is by creating that uninterrupted space to look deeper within yourself, to get really curious about who you are and what you want from the world.

Block out time in your week to spend a few hours on your own. The answers you are seeking will always come to you if you create enough time and space.

4. Let Go

One of my favorite abundance tips to share with people is to do an audit of your life. 

Ask yourself, “What is it that I know without a shred of doubt that I need to let go of?”

It might be your job.

It might be a particular relationship.

It might be an old way of thinking and operating, an old behavior.

Write it down.

Once you create that gap in your life, the things you’re manifesting will turn up to fill it.

5. Play

One of the most important – and most overlooked – aspects of manifestation is simply allowing yourself to play and have fun.

When you are un-ashamedly laughing and giggling and enjoying life, you shift your energy in a very powerful way that opens you up to new possibilities.

The universe is attracted to lighthearted, open, high vibrational, creative energy – so let yourself just play.

Write a list of the things you find fun and interesting. Choose some things that you have been curious about for a while but haven’t gone and experimented with and then go and try out those things.

The simple act of doing something you haven’t done before creates space for the unexpected (i.e the magical) to unfold.

6. Simply ask

Often, we forget to ask. 

We are too scared to ask these days because of prior disappointment, rejection, and conditioning.

How dare we ask for what we truly want? How dare we desire that thing that we desire?

But I’m here to tell you this. The fact that you desire something means that your soul knows it is meant for you.

And then when it turns up, we need to know how to receive it full heartedly, through gratitude, through a deep thank you that the universe has delivered to us what we want.

So my friends, those are my six tips for manifesting more abundance into your life immediately.

Go experiment, be curious, be light, be playful.

Remember, there is no way that you can do this wrong.  We’re simply humans here, souls here, having a human experience. So enjoy, have fun, and drop a comment below on what you’re manifesting this week!

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