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I'm here to help you unlock your purpose, grow a thriving business and live your definition of success.

Welcome, I’m Loren

I'm a life and business strategist based in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. My mission is simple. I'm here to help people (like you) unlock their Genius on a global scale.

I work with entrepreneurs and executives that want to discover their life purpose, up level their business and career success and unlock their incredible potential.

How do I do it? I use a number of tools to help you holistically transform your life and your business. The work I do is pioneering - I merge strategy and the fundamentals of business with transformational mindset coach and I tie it all together with the science of human consciousness.

The result? Mental clarity, greater freedom, incredible abundance, deep love, discovery of your personal power and spiritual alignment with your mission.

I'm ready to get started. Let's make magic.


Unlock The Tools For Your Success

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The First Step


Purpose E-Course

An 6-week online program giving you clarity around Vision, Values & Purpose, helping you to define your life path.
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1:1 Success Coaching

Private 1:1 Success & Mindset Coaching and Mentoring for business owners, professionals and executives.
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Business Coaching

1:1 and Team Business Coaching for small business owners looking to grow their revenue and scale their business.
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103 Things You Can Do Daily to Live an Incredible Life (A Definitive Guide)

I love a good nugget of life advice. Here is my definitive list of 103 things you can do on a daily basis to live an incredible life: Laugh. And often. It doubles as a stress reducer and an ab workout. Meditate at least once. Life’s challenges will be water off a duck’s back. Practice being in the present moment. …



On top of mindset coaching, we co-design your strategies for living so that you live your personal definition of happiness and success.


Habits + Productivity

Overcome procrastination and bad habits as we work together towards specific goals and design your week for productivity, balance and success.


Mindset Mastery

True success and happiness begins with mastery of our “monkey brain”. Learn to shift the through patterns and behaviors that have held you back from achieving your big goals.


Want to be successful in 2018? Master these 4 things…

As 2018 begins to come to life, I’ve been thinking about the year ahead and how I want to design a successful New Year for myself. Most of us are acquainted with the concept of Deliberate Design. We’re been practising it in same shape of form since we were little. Think about the last time you wanted to make something …


Long-Term vs Short-Term Strategies

Recently, a friend said something to me that left me scratching my head… We were at dinner and she looked up from her meal and said “You know, not everyone would wants to live your life Loren.” I still regret that I didn’t ask her what she meant as I sat there slightly confused. In my mind I was thinking …


Your Toolbox

  • Strategies for Success

    Productivity tools, checklists, templates and strategies that you need to start designing your most amazing life.

  • Mindset Mastery

    Coaching and events that give you clarity around your purpose and help you develop the mindset for true success.

  • Business Coaching

    Action plans, templates and strategies that will result in real outcomes.

  • Accountability & Support

    Work with me directly to start designing your personalised system for success.

Design Your Happiness and Success

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Client Love

Lauren has high degrees of empathy and professionalism paired with a witty mind and, while guiding me through the program in a goal-oriented and transparent manner, she still managed to surprise me in the end when my purpose suddenly clearly materialised out of the work we have done together.

Anna, Sydney

The Purpose Program was a wonderfully challenging experience. To have someone like Lauren push you and question some of your simplest answers is such a rewarding process. It teaches you so much about yourself and the potential you have. I love that their are no boundaries to right or wrong, life is what you make it so why not make it an purposeful and epic one!

Haylee C, Sydney

The progress made in each session was huge, and I came away feeling so accomplished and more focussed. The mini homework tasks to complete each week allowed me to build on what was highlighted in the sessions.

Each week I felt I had more and more clarity and I understood the way I had to adapt my thinking. Having gone through the program and now reflecting back on it, it was a fabulous Program to kick start my journey and can now put some of these ideas into action.

Jessica G, Sydney

I learnt a lot about myself by undertaking the purpose program. The process helped me unearth and articulate traits and areas about myself that I really care about. It’s provided a foundation that I can always come back to when I’m faced with choices and possible opportunities. Lauren has an ability to draw things out of you and is able to connect the dots to help build a concise yet deep understanding of your personal purpose, your values and your vision.

Monica W, Sydney

Moving country to chase your career dreams can feel out of reach at times.

Having Lauren as my coach has been invaluable in helping me identify the right opportunities. It has also helped me invest my time with clear intentions.

Nadia S, San Francisco

I’ve found Lauren’s coaching to be extremely helpful over the last 12 months whilst I ventured into entrepreneurship and developed a better understanding of myself and what drives me.
I’d recommend working with Lauren if you are keen to increase your self-awareness and define your  definition of success.

Abby P, Perth

Lauren has been a perfect coach so far. She took the time to understand my needs and pain points so we could establish a clear plan together for my startup to succeed. I feel much more confident now in organising my tasks and agenda. This has impacted my personal life in a positive way.

Greg V, Sydney

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