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I'm a human behavioural specialist, serial entrepreneur, an ex-lawyer and a Life Purpose Alchemist and I'm here on this beautiful planet to love, learn and grow. My life purpose is also, funnily enough, to help you find your purpose so that you live your own definition of happiness and success.

Let me tell you a bit more about me...


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My Story.

It's been an adventure and I'm only 30 years into the story.

My life purpose is to raise human consciousness on a global scale. But before we get there, let me tell you a bit about myself.

I’m the love child that Steve Jobs and Oprah never had. I’m a visionary business builder with a lot of soul.

I had a personal awakening at the age of 23 when my dad passed away. I then decided that I was only giving life according to my rules.

So I set the rule book alight, quit my job as a lawyer and started creating a life I was going to be in love with until I reached my last, dying breath.

I’ve started 6 businesses and have failed at a few of them. 

I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on self-development. 

I believe I’m a spiritual being having a very human experience. I like to team up with the Universe.

In 2015 I uncovered my purpose. And it all *clicked* into place.

I now run a 6-figure coaching business and work with incredible international clients.

I’ve lived in 4 different cities and have travelled the world.

I am surrounded by people that love me dearly and that I love deeply in return.

I’ve manifested a life that takes my breath away.

And I want the same for you. So take what I can give you. Learn from my lessons. Steal my knowledge. Share the journey with me.

And go and live a life that you are deeply obsessed with. The world needs it.


My Cred.

For some of you, the credentials matter. I totally get it and I'd always encourage you to work with the best.

Here are some of my credentials and achievements: 

Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Commerce (Corporate and Investment Finance) - 2011

Admitted to the Supreme Court of Western Australia - 2012

Admitted to the High Court of Western Australia - 2013

Litigation Lawyer - 2011 to 2014

Diploma of Entrepreneurship - 2015

School of Design Thinking - 2016

Professional Coach Certification - The Coaching Institute - 2016 to Present

Meta Dynamics Training Level 1 - 2017

Certified Transformational Hypnosis - 2018

Admitted to Forbes Coaches Council - 2018

700 + hours of 1:1 Coaching Experience

My Modus Operandi.

My personal mission is to give people the tools to change their mindset and raise their consciousness. Here's what you can expect from me.
I grew up in an entrepreneurial family and have been problem-solving since I was tiny. I’ve started 6 businesses with more to come and I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars working with some of the best life and business coaches to hone my skills.

I also have hundreds and hundreds of hours of coaching experience under my belt helping people uncover their mission, reach career success and build a successful business.

I might be young but this is not my first rodeo. Expect world-class coaching strategies from me.

I adopt a pragmatic approach to business, mindset and life. Expect me to get straight to the point and tell it like it is. We’re going to laugh together, I might swear and we’re going to get you uncomfortable so that you can change your life.

We may discuss business strategy and the laws of the Universe in the same conversation. It’s because I will use whatever tools I need to help you get the best outcome.

I’m addicted to self-development and changing the world one mindset shift at a time.

I have spent thousands of hours of my life learning about human mindset, behaviour, human consciousness and life. I’ve also spent tens of thousands of dollars on self-development. I take my mission to serve seriously. I’m here to share everything I’ve learnt and know with you.

I’ve successfully escaped the rat race wearing heels and I understand the corporate world.

I’m also highly strategic which you can use to your advantage. Know that, together, we’re always going to be hatching up some plan for you to live your best life.

I will always keep you one step ahead of the game and will serve as your personal coach on this journey.

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