Ready to design your most incredible life?

Enrich your life with love, success and understanding.

Ready to design your most incredible life?

I'm a human behavioural specialist, serial entrepreneur, an ex-lawyer and a Life Purpose Alchemist and I'm here on this beautiful planet to love, learn and grow. My life purpose is also, funnily enough, to help you find your purpose so that you live your own definition of happiness and success.

Let me tell you a bit more about me...


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My Journey

3 years ago I quit my job as a lawyer in order to launch an online marketplace, Buzzy. I threw myself into Buzzy and began getting some traction. I then hit some mental brick walls because I realised that Buzzy wasn't fully aligned with my vision for my business and my life.

I realised that I was only going to be truly happy and successful if I did something that was completely aligned with my vision, my values and my purpose. What happened next? I took a 'sabbatical' from business and my life and I began to spend hours delving into self-help books and techniques that would help give me clarity around my purpose. I spent a tonne of money working with professionals and I travelled the world in search of my 'why' for my life, and after about 6 months, everything clicked into place.

This whole process led me to realising my core values, my vision, my deepest desires and my life purpose. That's why I founded Loren Trlin, I wanted to incorporate my love of human psychology and purposeful living with my love of entrepreneurship.

I've built my clients' success on a foundation of legal experience in a high-performance environment as a lawyer, my business education (Commerce Degree & Diploma in Business), my training in human behaviour and my experience building my own businesses and those of my clients.

I believe at my core that it is possible to be happy, have an impact, live consciously and live in abundance, and I want to share that with you.


My Purpose

My personal mission is to give people the tools to change their mindset and raise there conciousness. Here's why you should work with me.
I come from a family of hustlers. 4 businesses under my belt. More to come.
I’m addicted to self-development and changing the world one mindset shift at a time.
I’ve successfully escaped the rat race wearing heels and I understand the corporate world.
I adopt a pragmatic approach to business, mindset and life. Expect me to get straight to the point!

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