How do we Outwit the Devil?

These past few months I’ve been exploring this idea of the “darkness” that resides within each one of us.

And how that shadow reveals itself and influences our perception of reality.

It’s allowed me to delve deeper into human trauma, psychological manipulation and the role our emotions play in manifesting our reality.

I’ve delved deep into religion.


Alternative theories of reality.

Human consciousness.

Doing deep healing work with myself and with my clients.

And it all leads me to the same point – Fear.

And the absence of fear. Love.

In Napoleon Hill’s book “Outwitting the Devil”, he sits down to interview the D himself who reveals how he controls 98% of humanity.

His weapon of choice is mind control using fear…

  1. Fear of poverty.
  2. Fear of criticism.
  3. Fear of ill health.
  4. Fear of loss of love.
  5. Fear of old age.
  6. Fear of death.

The D himself admits that these fears ensure that most humans will punish themselves without any external interference.

And we’ve seen this ourselves these past 6 months….

How the threat of a supposed pandemic was powerful enough to drive a large portion of humanity into a fear response.



Agreeing to handing over their power.

Threatening their livelihoods and businesses. 

Fear of losing our own life and those of the people we love.

And whether we believe the severity of the V or it’s existence, the desired effect was achieved by the Devil.

And yet, the darkness ALWAYS hands us the blueprint for our freedom.

How do we free ourselves?

  1. We heal our old traumas. By doing so, we release old negative emotions from the system which naturally surpress our vibration.
  2. By clearing out old emotions out of the system – anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, shame and other, our body naturally vibrates at a higher frequency.
  3. Letting go of old rule, identities, beliefs, values and behaviors that are not in alignment with the life we want to create for ourselves. 
  4. Develping the resilience that allows us to stand in our truth.
  5. Uncovering and living in alignment with our life’s mission and purpose so that we do not “drift” as the D says.
  6. Honoring and nurturing the vessel that we have chosen.
  7. Learning to master what true love really is and sharing it with ourselves and others.
  8. And realizing that old age and death are temporary because we are infinite.

Outwitting the devil is easy.

Once you realize the rules of the game.

Love you,

Loren x

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