10 Signs You’re Shifting Levels of Consciousness

“Are you squeezing the juice out of life? Or are you letting life squeeze you?”

My mentor years ago asked me this simple question and it changed my life.

We are always being asked to change and evolve by life – whether we realize it consciously or subconsciously.

Most people spend their whole life fighting this change in order to hold onto the illusion of safety and certainty.

Others learn how to embrace the shifts in consciousness.

In your journey towards a higher level of consciousness, there will be both mental and physical changes that accompany you on your path.

Are you noticing changes in your mind, body and soul?

If you are experiencing any of the following signs, you are likely shifting to that higher level of consciousness:

1. You have hit all of the markers of what you thought “success” was and are now wondering what gives your life meaning and purpose.

2. You are frustrated at yourself and the outside world at your current circumstances.

3. You no longer have things in common with the people you used to consider friends as well as family. You feel as though you’ve entered a different dimension.

4. You know that there is more to this present reality but your current level of thinking is not allowing you to move towards that.

5. You intuitively know you are holding onto unresolved emotions and trauma. You feel uncomfortable in your skin.

6. You’re hitting a money and manifestation ceiling and you know you are capable of so much more in your life.

7. It feels as though aspects of your life are falling apart or that you are encountering resistance in bringing a goal to life.

8. You feel good and great but you know that there is a higher frequency that you can access.

9. You know you’re in the midst of a spiritual awakening and you’re curious about dabbling in plant medicine and healing.

10. You recognize that you’re the Master of your Reality and you want to learn how to play at the “next level” but don’t know how.

Experiencing any of these signs?

You have two choices:

  1. Do nothing and continue feeling the discomfort as you’re naturally being asked to shift your level of consciousness. Just know that life may decide to squeeze you into making a change; or
  2. Actively facilitate your transition into a higher state of consciousness with ease and flow.

The choice is yours. 

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