Quantum Leaps in Your Business with Scott Oldford

Welcome to The Modern Alchemist where we merge strategy with human consciousness to help you live your definition of Abundance and Success. 

I’m your host, Loren Trlin – the Modern Alchemist. Joining me on today’s episode is Scott Oldford.  

Scott Oldford is a mentor, investor, and advisor for successful online businesses. He’s also the creator of The R.O.I. Method, 6 Pillar Framework, and REwired, all systems that help entrepreneurs scale their businesses and generate sustainability while building a great and fulfilling life. After successfully developing nine companies, Scott has coached thousands of clients and helped many businesses reach the multi-million-dollar mark, allowing them to create the life of their dreams and put their money where it belongs—in the bank.

With a strong following of hundreds of thousands of Entrepreneurs, Scott has been featured online in Forbes,Inc., SUCCESS, Money Magazine, Fortune,Business Insider, and ABC. He’s also a contributor to Entrepreneur online. 

Scott lives in Northern California with his wife, Libby Crow, a fellow entrepreneur and podcast host of Behind the Dream, and their long-haired dachshund, Cooper.

On today’s show Scott is going to share:

  • Benefits of having a coach and the difference of mentorship;
  • Mass consciousness and its importance in business;
  • The meaning of entrepreneurship; and
  • What is time?


  • The more you fail, the more you’ll understand what works and what doesn’t.
  • People think that things as a society has to evolve slowly and as you can see, that’s a lie.
  • Entrepreneurship is finding an opportunity to help people.
  • The cool part about business is that the more that you become conscious, aware and present – the faster you’ll succeed.

Connect with Scott:

Website – scottoldford.com/

Twitter – twitter.com/scottoldford

Instagram – instagram.com/scottoldford

Youtube – Scott Oldford

Facebook – facebook.com/scottoldford


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