Overcoming Fear with Mary Poffenroth

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I’m your host, Loren Trlin – the Modern Alchemist. 

Joining me on today’s episode is Joining me on today’s episode is Mary Poffenroth, a biology lecturer and fear researcher for San Jose State University.

In addition to contributing to Science magazine, Forbes, TEDx and SXSW, she advises growth driven individuals and organizations on how to use science to transform their relationship with fear to improve strategic decision making and increase creativity while cultivating more authentic communications.

Mary, a Salzburg Global Fellow and first generation college student, holds two masters degrees, one in biology and the other in science communication from Imperial College London, and will be completing her PhD in Media Psychology in 2020. She is the author of Write Present Create: Science Communication for Undergraduates and has taught nearly 20,000 students both in person and online since 2007. She began her research career in astrophysiology at NASA Ames Research Center Moffet Field in 1999 and now focuses her research on the intersection of fear science, communication, and personal/social change.

On today’s show Mary is going to share:

  • How she got into the path of talking about fear;
  • The distinction between internal fears and external fears;
  • Moving from unconscious awareness to having conscious awareness and making choices; and 
  • Understanding imposter syndrome.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • “How can we differentiate between stress and fear?” 
  • “How can we have our survival needs met and start shifting your brain out of fear, what are some ways that we can do that practically? ” 
  • “Any tips for people to help them manage fear?” 
  • “In one word, how would you describe abundance?”  

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