Finding Your Balanced Self with Heidi Stevens

Welcome to The Modern Alchemist where we merge strategy with human consciousness to help you live your definition of Abundance and Success. 

I’m your host, Loren Trlin – the Modern Alchemist. 

Joining me on today’s episode is Heidi Stevens. She is the founder of The Feminine Collective as well as The Mindfulness Business Accelerator and has been working with soulful women entrepreneurs, to inspire, activate, and support them to build purposeful businesses and aligned lives that are better than they think is possible. 

More about Heidi:

  • Soulful Business Coach, Public Speaker, Activator 
  • Heidi’s podcast is called The Soul of Business
  • Mentored more than 200 women through her programs 
  • Been on numerous podcasts including Almost 30 and Don’t Keep Your Day Job 
  • Collaborated with many organizations including Hey Mama and Alliance of Moms

On today’s show Heidi is going to share:

  • The different things that she has learned throughout her journey;
  • The benefits of allowing yourself to break open;
  • The empowered feminine; and
  • The purpose and benefits of meditation

Some Questions I Ask:

  • “How would you describe the feminine and the masculine?” 
  • “What are your hacks for getting back into feminine when you’re masculine?”
  • “What does abundance mean to you in one word?”

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