Breaking Free of Slave Codes with Gaby Kowalski

Welcome to The Modern Alchemist where we merge strategy with human consciousness to help you live your definition of Abundance and Success. 

I’m your host, Loren Trlin – the Modern Alchemist. 

Joining me on today’s episode is Gaby Kowalski, Founder & CEO of Gaby Kowalski Global.

Her mission and passion is to share with the world how to create true fulfillment and freedom from business and live an extraordinary life.

Over the past 15 years Gaby became No.1 in two industries of business and decided to devote her life to helping others achieve their dreams.

Gaby is a proven EDISC Consultant, Master NLP coach, Kinesiologist, Business Mentor, Sales Trainer, Author and Speaker.

On today’s show Gaby is going to share:

  • The different aspects of her journey that got her to where she is now;
  • What soul alignment is;
  • Super slave codes and code of entitlement; and 
  • Importance of realizing that abundance is who you are at the core.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • “What was that transition process like for you?” 
  • “What is one secret that you hold within yourself that you wish every single human being knew?”
  • “What does abundance mean to you in one word?”

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