3 Ways to Raise Your Vibration… Immediately

Becoming more aware of our personal vibration is a powerful self-perception tool that allows us to create the reality we desire.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Nikola Tesla

Where is your personal frequency at right now?

Where does it sit in relation to the world around you?

Are you manifesting what you desire right now? If not, is there something you know needs to be shifted?

Here are three simple ways that can raise your vibration immediately:

1. If we can understand that everything has its own unique vibration, then we raise our vibration by energetically matching the things that are high vibrational.

There are two ways in which we do this:

  • By healing our old traumas and releasing negative emotions out of our body and “letting go” of the things that no longer serve us; and
  • Accessing higher vibrational emotions that bring us in “sync” with the life that we want to be living.

Most people focus on the second aspect of this process instead of doing the deep healing and trauma work that allows us to naturally move into higher vibrations by letting go of what no longer serves us. In actual fact, that’s a harder way for us to do it. It might be hard for us to chase bliss if we’ve never experienced it. It might be really hard for us to chase abundance if we’ve never experienced it.

So the best place to start is by doing an “audit” of your life and doing this often.

Daily Exercise:

“What do I know I need to let go of in order to shift my vibration, shift my energy?”

2. The “Force Field” Effect

While we’re implementing shifts in our life, it is important for us to not place judgement on how long it will take for our manifestation to turn up.

Too often, we place a set of rules around how and when our goal with manifest in our physical reality and, in turn, we oscillate between higher vibrational emotions and lower vibrational emotions will anxiety, worry and fear.

The most important thing we can do when it comes to manifesting what you desire, it is maintain the vibration of what you want to call in.

This is where I love to implement what I call, the “Force Field” effect in order to maintain a higher vibration throughout the day.

It’s so fundamental for us to cultivate our own force field throughout the day. 


Because, whether we realize it or not, we are constantly being bombarded with energy via the news, social media, through the people who we cross paths with throughout the day. 

We are being bombarded with energy, attempting to enter our force field, attempting to penetrate our bubble. And if we are not consciously aware that we have a bubble to begin with then….guest what?! Everything gets to enter our space and our bubble.

Daily Exercise:

Before you get out of bed in the morning, spend some time creating a high vibrational state and then place yourself in a protective bubble.

3. Cultivate a Deep “High Vibe” Practice

The mindset work, the deep inner work, the deep healing and clearing work are the most powerful ways that we can raise our vibration, so that it naturally sits at a really high level.

Take a time out, whether it be five minutes, a few minutes here and there, to cultivate our life force energy, to lift up our frequency. And some great ways that we can do that is through play, by being playful, through laughter, by being curious about the world, by looking at the world through childlike wonder, by seeing how funny and hilarious the human experience is.

I want you to go play with this. The world needs it. The world needs you to be a beautiful high vibrational, powerful life force energy, because we use that energy to light up others, to spark the light within them, so they can go off and do the same.

You have the ability to create a powerful ripple effect in the world.

Anything is possible,

Love you,

Loren x

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