EP 001: Making Wisdom Go Viral with Jay Shetty

Welcome to The Modern Alchemist where we merge strategy with human consciousness to help you live your definition of Abundance and Success.

I’m your host, Loren Trlin – the Modern Alchemist, master manifester and a human obsessed with the vibration of abundance and success.

On today’s episode we have Jay Shetty. Jay, a former monk, is now an award-winning host, storyteller and viral content creator. Since launching his video channel in 2016, Jay’s viral wisdom videos have garnered over 4 billion views and gained over 27 million followers globally. This makes him one of the most viewed people on the internet internationally.

Some Questions I Ask:

“What is success?” (09:29)

“What are some daily things that someone could begin implementing immediately that would help them to have a shift in their life?” (29:37)

“What is one secret or truth that you hold within yourself that you wish every single human being on this planet knew?” (33:29)

“In one word what’s the key ingredient to an abundant life?” (39:00)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

Jay’s early life and some catalyst events that led him to where he is today… (05:26)

Challenges that Jay encountered on a business level that has been pivotal in order to get him where he is now… (13:38)

Reasons why Jay chose wisdom to go viral (36:52)

One of the biggest things we make mistakes on… (39:59)

Listen to the Full Episode here:

Connect with Jay Shetty:

Website – https://jayshetty.me/ 

Twitter – twitter.com/jayshettyiw

Instagram – instagram.com/jayshetty/

Youtube – Jay Shetty

Facebook – facebook.com/JayShettyIW/

Podcast – jayshetty.me/podcast/

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