Behind the Dream with Libby Crow

Welcome to The Modern Alchemist where we merge strategy with human consciousness to help you live your definition of Abundance and Success. 

I’m your host, Loren Trlin – the Modern Alchemist. 

Joining me on today’s episode is Libby Crow.

Libby runs a thriving global coaching business. She lives in sunny Venice Beach, Calif., with her husband, fellow entrepreneur Scott Oldford, and their long-haired dachshund, Cooper. The woman who had once lost the will to live can now be described as a human sparkler: one encounter with her will light you up.

At just 31, she’s mentored thousands through her online courses, group coaching programs, one-on-one consulting sessions, workshops, and retreats, teaching them how to effectively build and run online businesses.

Libby is from the small-town Wyoming girl who started her career as an overworked, underpaid teacher, numbing the grief that would eventually threaten her life and grasping at a dream that then seemed impossible.

On today’s show Libby is going to share:

  • How can people tap into intuitive knowing;
  • Her experience in hypnotherapy;
  • Love and efficiency – every time you invest in yourself, you’re about to get something in return; and 
  • Some practical examples of what receiving looks like and feels like.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • “How do you tell the difference between a pivot which is, this is no longer an alignment with who I’ve become versus I’m just really uncomfortable because this is getting super hard?” 
  • “What are some modalities that you’ve tried and will recommend? ” 
  • “Do you hold a secret within you that you wish every single on this planet knew?” 
  • “In one word, what’s the key to an abundant life?” 

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