Long-Term vs Short-Term Strategies

Recently, a friend said something to me that left me scratching my head…

We were at dinner and she looked up from her meal and said “You know, not everyone would wants to live your life Loren.”

I still regret that I didn’t ask her what she meant as I sat there slightly confused.

In my mind I was thinking “WHADYA MEAN?! Don’t most people want to live the life that they deliberately designed and are in love with?!”

But I think she was trying to say something else entirely.

Not everyone is willing to:
– Forego short-term pleasures for long-term gain;
– Get comfortable with constantly being uncomfortable;
– Learn to lean into unrelenting uncertainty every single day;
– Risk rejection at every turn;
– Experience pain;
– Take big (but calculated) risks;
– Move away from the pack;
– Back themselves; and
– Fight for their right….to party.

So my friend may have been on to something.

We’re not always willing to forego immediate satisfaction, comfort and security for a long-term vision that we hold dear in our hearts.

And yet, we cannot live our own authentic definition of success without some growing pains and discomfort.

What are you willing to forego to bring your Big Plan to life?

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