Loren Trlin - Business Coach - Life is Serving as Your Mirror

Life is Serving As Your Mirror

Everything in your life is trying to tell you something:

  • What you need to do to feel fulfilled
  • What you must do less of to be successful
  • What makes you happy
  • What your unique purpose is in the world
  • The ways in which you need to grow and what you need to learn

The problem is, most of us ask disempowering questions in during life’s greatest lessons such as:

  • Why the f*ck isn’t this working?
  • Why does this always happen to me?
  • Why can’t I ever find the right guy?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the reason it isn’t working, the reason this keeps happening, the reason you can’t find the right guy yet is because you aren’t ready for it. You aren’t prepared for things to work out because you haven’t learned the lessons you need to yet.

Loren Trlin - Business Coach - Life is Serving as Your Mirror

Life is preparing you for success, for stepping into the flow, and for the most beautiful relationship you could imagine. But you have to pay attention–close enough attention to the subtle truths that life is feeding you. It is always telling you something.

Because my friend, life is happening for you, NOT to you. Every failed business. Every heartbreak. Every loss. Every conflict. Every period of sadness. Everything.

Life is always serving up exactly what you need. As if it’s a mystical mirror guiding you precisely in what direction to go and with what speed.

What do I mean?

Here are a few ways to think about it:

What is materializing in your life is a result of who you are, what actions you are taking, and who you are capable of becoming.

The sum total of what you call “your life” in this moment is really just a reflection of the thoughts you think, the words you speak, and the decisions you are making.

It is your playground of “becoming.”

If you abide by this belief, then you agree that everything in your life is the result of your directed focus and decisions.

If you believe, that everything in your world is there because you chose it–consciously or unconsciously–then it must be there for a reason. Why would you choose to experience anything that won’t help you?

Take responsibility for what’s going on in your life and you’ll start to see the lessons in it.

Every person you meet has something to teach you.

Relationships are the training ground of life, and not just intimate relationships either. Business relationships, friendships, and weak ties all have the power to help us grow and experience parts of ourselves (and life in general) that we couldn’t otherwise.

Approaching others as though they have something important to teach you is powerful. Because what you think you “lack” is already available to you through the people around you. It’s why you have certain role models–you see something in them that you know is possible in yourself.

What causes friction between you and others is an arrow in the direction of your own edges.

Recently, I co-founded a company with a driven and intelligent woman. While we saw eye-to-eye on the vision for the business, we couldn’t quite agree on the “how.” We couldn’t find that “give point.” Ultimately, I began to see that I was adopting many of her work habits, habits that didn’t all vibe with what I’m best at.

It forced me to ask the question:

Have I been pushing too hard? Have I been forcing too much in this endeavor and in life in general?

The answer was a clear YES. And so, I decided to walk away from the company we started together. But not without having learned some incredible lessons from my co-founder–about managing my time better, building relationships, and all sorts of other things. The experience also taught me a fundamental life lesson – that I’ve spent my whole life pushing harder and now it was time to experience the magic of working smarter.

She played the role she was meant to play and I’m better for having worked with her. But this only happened because I took the time to ask the big questions and try to figure out the reason she had been called into my life.

Emotions are merely signals–on what to do more and less of.

Emotions–especially negative emotions–can be all consuming. We are so blinded by emotion that we often cannot really see what the emotion is trying to tell us.

All emotion is the result of some rule system we have set up internally. When something is in or out of balance in our conscious minds, we feel something–what we call an emotion.

The key to using emotions (rather than being used by them) is paying attention to what you feel and why. And we can become the observer and integrator of our emotions, we become active participants in this life journal using all of the tools at our disposal.

Meditation is a great way of creating more space between emotion and the judgments we make. It helps us create room between external stimulus and response As Jay Shetty puts it, we must “slow down to the speed of knowledge.”

Journaling is a great tool for doing some dialogue with yourself or just allowing yourself to free flow thoughts. It will help you receive answers of why you are feeling a certain kind of way.

“How you do anything is how you do everything.”

When you get home from a business trip or vacation, do you unpack right away or do you live out of your suitcase at home for the week? Do you make your bed every morning or do you just hop into crumpled sheets at night? Do you work from home in your sweats or do you make it a point to get ready anyways?

There is no saying what’s “right” or “wrong” in any of these cases. Right and wrong are subjective of course. But these things do matter.

When it comes to habits, mindset, and our approach of the world–the small things ARE the big things. Because how you choose to approach anything–with poise or fear, with dread or desire–is likely how you approach everything.

If you aren’t attracting the wealth, success, love, and people you desire into your life, it’s because of what’s going on internally.

You must make the internal shifts first. You must learn the lessons that are available to you and continue to learn them until you break through to the next threshold.

Even when things are going well for us, we have this tendency to create a ceiling for ourselves. We genuinely can’t believe things are this good and we subconsciously inhibit them from becoming any better.

This is just another threshold we must master.

But remember: “God’s delays are not God’s denials.”

Take a good look in the mirror. Take an inventory of the emotions, love, wealth, abundance, success, joy, material things, relationships, and mission you are experiencing right now in your life.

What are you doing to inhibit your own success or acquisition of wealth?

What material things are owning you, rather than the other way around?

What emotions do you experience on a day-to-day basis?

What are you giving to the world around you?

What are the people in your life here to teach you?

Everything in your life is there to get you just the slightest bit closer to living your Purpose. Remember to “slow down to the speed of knowledge,” begin asking yourself more empowering questions, and take notice of everything that’s manifesting in your life.

The difference between what you experience today and what you experience tomorrow is a mere shift in the beliefs you hold, rules you uphold, and questions you ask.

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