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How To Find And Attract Your Ideal Coaching Client

Every coach I know has made a career in this industry for one reason: they want to help people. This is why, right out of the gate, many new coaches cast wide nets. They dabble in business, life, and marketing coaching, offering pseudo-expertise in each vertical.

Sound familiar?

With energy and attention split, your effort to results ratio is low. A few months ago, you were excited to be coaching at all. Now, you are left feeling overwhelmed, working day and night with hardly anything to show for it.

The paradox is that in trying to help everyone, you struggle to help anyone.

Loren Trilin - Business Coach - Find Your Ideal Coaching Client

Imagine if you were starting a retail business (instead of a coaching practice) and you tried deploying the “everything to everyone” strategy. You couldn’t possibly produce enough quality goods to serve the masses; you’d go bankrupt before you achieved that vision.

The better strategy, as you know, would be to start with one amazing product for one small market. In startup culture, this is what they call achieving Product Market Fit (PMF). It means that whatever you are offering is reaching the people who need it (and they are totally psyched about it).

This is what you are going to do for your coaching business. You are going to do everything in your power to find PMF, or rather Coach Market Fit (CMF).

If I had to guess, your biggest obstacle to success today is that you aren’t marketing to or serving your ideal clientele. CMF isn’t even on your radar. You are trying help too many people, saying “yes” to too many mediocre opportunities. And as a result, you aren’t maximizing your impact.

Look, here’s what they won’t train you on in most coaching programs. We all have a unique set of skills, knowledge, and relationships, a unique way in which we can serve humanity. So many of us feel compelled to turn down that uniqueness and fit into the same box, service the same kinds of clients in the same markets, offer too many services, and employ the same techniques as everyone else.

This is a recipe for failure. If you want to serve at the highest level in this industry, and achieve notoriety and success, you can’t just memorize the techniques and follow the programs.

Becoming a successful coach is about marrying tried and true marketing, branding, and coaching strategies with who you actually are and what you have to offer.

There are people out there that need what you only you can offer. In this way, it’s selfish not to step into your Zone of Genius, up your game, and start taking your business seriously.

You want to succeed? You want to grow your business? You want to work with only the people you want to work with?

Then it’s time to draw lines and set rules, my friend.

For starters, you can’t work with someone who has a $50 per month budget for one-on-one coaching and get him the results you’re capable of delivering. And you probably shouldn’t work with someone on reorganizing their conglomerate if you’re expertise is in digital marketing for small businesses.

Here’s are the questions you want to ask yourself to figure out who you SHOULD work with (BE SPECIFIC):

    • What are the internal and external drivers of my ideal client?
    • What do I think is the biggest challenge stopping my ideal client from achieving their goals?
    • What matters most to my ideal client?
    • My ideal customer:
      • IS the following…
      • IS NOT the following…
    • What particular skills and knowledge can I deploy in service?
    • What kind of transformation can I give my ideal customer?
    • What kinds of results and outcomes can I get them?
    • Have you had an ideal coaching relationship in the past? What can you pull from that?
  • AND MORE…covered in my Quantum Coach Program!

You want to know your ideal client inside and out. This means understanding how they think, who they are, what matters to them. It means knowing their deepest hopes and fears. This is the key to effective marketing and generating impact.


Contrary to what you probably think, the fewer people you choose to work with, the more successful your business will be. Narrowing your client base allows you to spend more time mastering skills, knowledge, and breakthrough technologies necessary to serve your ideal clients at the highest level.

This requires having a bit of faith. It can be scary at first to say “no” especially to people who are asking for your help. But remember this: sometimes you have to say “no” to good things to do great things. The returns on this kind of courage are logarithmic.  

Which brings me to my final question:

Do you have the audacity, courage, and faith to walk uncharted territory, to build a coaching business for the people only you can reach?

Imagine what you’ll be able to accomplish if you do.

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