Loren Trilin - Business Coach - 13 Life Changing Books & Courses

13 Books & Courses That Will (Literally) Change Your Life in 2019

I read a handful of books in 2018 that changed the business and life game for me. Combine that with the coaching I received–it was an incredible year. Below I’ve shared these books, the ones I’ve lived, breathed, and obsessed over. These are the ones I’ve suggested to clients and sent to friends.

Now, I’m challenging YOU. Are you in? Ready to level up? Combine this short list of books with coaching and you’re set for an incredible New Year.

Loren Trilin - Business Coach - 13 Life Changing Books & Courses

Money Mindset Books

As I continue to grow my business, I’ve been shifting my primary focus from revenue to WEALTH. This may seem like semantics, but it isn’t. Making that shift, at a cellular level, is what’s necessary to reach the next level of impact and income. That’s why I’ve made wealth my primary value for 2019.

Dollars Flow To Me Easily by Richard Dotts

This is a simple book. Easy read, easy application. The few tips I’ve taken away have helped me to experience a profound shift in my relationship with money. First, there are some hidden affirmations and incantations to help you start viewing money and wealth in a very different light. One of the biggest takeaways I had was to STOP checking my bank account! As Dotts explains, this habit is a representation of your old reality – obsessing over the sum in your accounts – and won’t assist you in creating a new one.

The Abundance Book by John Randolph Price

Another simple book – one that you can fit in your pocket to pick up time and time again. Price explores the fundamental connection between money and God/Source/Universe. Good news, for the skeptics: It’s not religious or woo-woo. This book is steeped in simple Universal principles of energy and manifestation. It will completely transform the way you think about money.

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth By T. Harv Eker

Turns out, all these money books are easy to read. Awesome, right? It lowers the bar on what it’s going to take for us to level up this year. Eker provides us with another really easy read that explains the ‘rules of the wealthy.’ I particularly loved the series of “Wealth Files” along with a list of powerful declarations that you can adopt in your own life.

PRO TIP: There are countless money, finance, and wealth books out there. The generalized knowledge about how money markets work is available to you instantaneously. But if you want to get serious about your wealth in 2019, I highly suggest hiring a coach (like me!) to help you clear your money limitations. This is what changed the game for me. Why? Because you can’t see your own blind money spots and a coach can help you quickly and efficiently begin pre-programming your mind for wealth.

Manifestation Books & Courses

If you’ve read any of my articles before, you know I am obsessed with mastering manifestation. If there’s a way I can figure out how to experience, become, or do something that I don’t have to work quite as hard for, then why wouldn’t we tap into it?

It Is Done!: The Final Step To Instant Manifestations By Richard Dotts

Read this book after you’ve read Dotts other book Dollars Flow To Me Easily (explained above). This is another quick read (perhaps for this Sunday afternoon?) that will help you hone your manifestation skills in 2019. Dotts provides simple (but often overlooked) tools for manifesting your dreams – like ending your request with a simple “Amen” or “It is done!” These words anchor your manifestation and make it real. The results are baffling.

My Manifestation Mastery – Online Course (CLOSING SOON!)

I’ve designed a series of meditations that will reprogram your mind for success on a deep subconscious level (where all the fun stuff happens). I have not come across a more powerful tool for reprogramming the mind for success than hypnosis (that’s why I created this!). Check it out!

Business Books

You ALWAYS need to have some business books on the shelf. Matched with the reading I do on spirituality and manifestation, I’m obsessed with identifying and implementing the best strategies I can to carry my vision forth, to generate even greater impact.

The Compound Effect By Darren Hardy

Ever heard the phrase “how you do anything is how you do everything”? Or had a financier preach to you about compounding interest? Hardy combines both of these ideas and lays out a brilliant argument that the small things really matter – more than you and I could imagine. They add up over time and have a disproportionate (compound) effect on our influence, happiness, and successes.

QBQ! The Question Behind the Question (Lead Title) By John G. Miller

I’m just going to paraphrase Tony Robbins here – your destiny is shaped by the quality of the questions you ask. If you want to experience, be, and do greater things, you need to learn to ask better questions. Miller lays out a brilliant primer for helping you improve the quality of the questions you ask.

Life Books

To master the professional, the universal, you have to master yourself. It rarely ever works the other way around, which is why I believe it’s essential to focus on improving YOU, your mindset, your habits, your wellbeing in 2019. As they say, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level By Gay Hendricks

Promise me this. If you don’t read any other on this list, READ THIS BOOK. It will change your life! I’ve sent this book to all of my entrepreneur friends and they’ve all raved about it.

Hendricks helps you begin to develop an awareness for your own self-sabotaging behavior. Until you get a hold on the reigns of self-sabotage (often more subtle than you realize), you cannot get onto the task of creating your most incredible life and business. So I’ll say it again: read this book!

Homecoming: Reclaiming and Championing Your Inner Child By John Bradshaw

We are all a product of our childhood. When we realise how profoundly our childhood experiences have shaped our lives, we can develop the awareness to break the self-limiting patterns that no longer serve our growth and evolution. This book is an extremely powerful first step into doing just that.

[Disclaimer: If you read this, be prepared to have some uncomfortable conversations with your parents! It’s Pandora’s Box in there.]

The Breakthrough Experience: A Revolutionary New Approach to Personal Transformation By John F. Demartini

This book is best if you plan to take the time to complete Demartini’s Breakthrough exercises. I got what I did out of this book because I committed to doing just that. The experience was profound. It will shift the way you view your past, your present, and your future!

Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon By Dr. Joe Dispenza

The secret I wish every human being on this planet knew – our subconscious beliefs affect our personal vibration which affects how we experience our external world. Joe breaks the entire concept down for you and backs it up with some science. A must read!

The Runner-Up Books

I read Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D this year and thought it was a profound recollection of how we can tap into the flow of the universe, of the energy inside us. The fundamental difference between power and force is that one feels right, the other is painful. And you know what? We aren’t supposed to be in pain all the time.

I also read The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer, which is a sort of autobiographical/memoir account of the the time he spent writing The Untethered Soul. I suggest reading The Untethered Soul first, and if you are curious about how a person could come to such conclusions, check out The Surrender Experiment. Together, they are a brilliant testament to how we can find peace of mind no matter what’s going on in the outside world.


As you dive head first into 2019, remember that it’s just as important to determine your learning and reading goals as it is the goals and milestones you hope to reach in your business. This is how you grow; this is how you learn. You make it a priority!

2019 CAN be your year. It can be the year you take back the reigns, generate wealth, overcome the self-sabotaging habits. It can be the year you learn to manifest your dream spouse, surpass the voices from your childhood, start that business you’ve been dreaming about. All that lies between you and a future that you can feel confident, competent, and happy in – are the ideas you expose yourself to, the new strategies you put in place.

This is what makes running a business and living life exciting! So, get out there and learn. Make an investment in yourself. Learn with a degree of intensity and intention. Follow your curiosity. And come back around and share the best books you’ve read (so I can read them, too)!

Cheers to another year of growth!


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