The 7 Unexpected Side Effects of a 30-Day “Bliss” Experiment.

Earlier this year I undertook a simple, 30-day experiment which I dubbed “The Bliss Project”. 

The Bliss Project began where all good projects and experiments begin – with an epiphany and a meltdown.

Earlier this year I’d just returned to Los Angeles from a visit home to Australia. My trip back home was supposed to have been a “holiday” but it was anything but blissful.

I spent the whole time working and launching a new program and I found the process of being back amongst old friends, acquaintances and relatives tiring. In fact, I recall crying on the phone to my coach in the spare room of my mum’s house in Melbourne wondering “Why am I so tired and why is this so hard!?

Now to be fair, things were working. And I was being a bit dramatic. But the episode did tell me that something had to shift radically in regards to my mindset.

Because, while I lived an incredible life by many standards, I needed things to get interesting and to jump to the next level. I was feeling tired. Bored. Stuck. And disconnected from gratitude.

So I sat in meditation a few days after my return and a simple thought came to me – “You need to do something radically different to shift this old way of thinking. What’s so different to what you’re used to? OH! What about bliss?”

And that’s how my personal, 30-day Bliss Project was born. 

A BLISS Project

I decided to keep the rules of the bliss experiment super simple and “compassionately ruthless” which meant I was going to go cold turkey on a whole heap of old habits and beliefs that no longer served me.

These were the rules I scribbled out that day:

  • I would take part in ZERO complaining, self-doubt, worry or criticism over the next 30 days.
  • In fact, I would appoint friends and family to “call me out” if they heard any negativity leave my mouth.
  • My only job was to be PRESENT and completely SURRENDER to what wanted to flow in as a result.
  • And I’d remind myself daily to live in an ATTITUDE of gratitude, appreciation, unconditional love and bliss.

The Side Effects of BLISS

When I embarked on The Bliss Project, I suspected that it was going to transform my mindset and my life but I had no idea what results to expect.

My background in human behavior and my love of manifestation, gave me a solid hypothesis that Bliss would probably be directly correlated to the success of my life and business.

And I wasn’t wrong.

I completely upleveled nearly all aspects of my life and in those few months following. Here are some of the unexpected side effects of the Bliss Project:

  • In those 30 days, I doubled my business revenue from the month prior. On Day 30 of the experiment, I made more money in one day that I can for the whole month of January 2019 → I totally broke through a money ceiling.
  • I had almost no negative thoughts, anxiety or worry. 
  • I began been experiencing “Manifestation On Demand.” I would dream of something or think of someone and then it would turn up in my life in less than 24 hours after.
  • I spent more time in flow.
  • I began experiencing a deeper sense of deep contentment and happiness. It was almost as if I had unlocked some secret level in the game of my life that I didn’t even know existed.
  • I began feeling a deeper sense of love for myself and others and a deeper sense of compassion for all living things.
  • I had some wonderful new business ideas that I executed on in the months following including the Abundant Alchemist program and The Modern Alchemist podcast.

I became a BLISS machine in those 30 says and the months that followed, and did the following:

  • I cancelled plans that didn’t feel right any longer and it felt incredible.
  • I became more attuned to messages from my higher self.
  • I experienced ZERO of my usual worry attacks.
  • I stayed resourceful and solution-focused.
  • I met some new incredible people.
  • I loved myself and others more.
  • I worked less…and flowed more.
  • I joined 2 incredible group coaching programs that have further accelerated the abundance I’m experiencing.
  • I shifted the direction of my business (stepping further into my true potential).

The biggest surprise? How easy it was (despite a few setbacks and life challenges). And how quickly I could shift into a higher vibration.

And it all began with a simple decision to lean into more bliss and happiness even though the experiment felt almost childlike and immature in its simplicity and fun.

Why BLISS works

During those 30 days and the months that followed, I spent a lot of time wondering why such a simple experiment could be so effective.

My theory is this: a lot of times, we think the minor negative chatter in our minds and in our emotions is harmless. But IT’S NOT! It has a resounding impact on the way we live our lives. 

The “minor” stuff has a major effect on our vibration and what we experience in our external reality.

When we stop that habit loop, we are forced to find the good in everything, forced to look for real solutions, forced to prioritize love over fear, forced to step UP into a higher frequency, forced to let go of the victim and to step into the HERO of our incredible life journey.

The Frequency of Bliss Opens the Door to Abundance

According to Dr. David Hawkins’s Scale of Consciousness which ranges from zero to 1000 (1000 being the highest level of consciousness), every emotion we experience has a frequency.

Love calibrates at 500 and peace (experienced as bliss) calibrates at 600. Apparently manifestation calibrates at 750. This is where we experience manifestation on demand. 

So moving towards a state of bliss moves us closer to becoming powerful manifesters and brings us closer to the vibrations of Abundance and Inner Peace. How incredible is that?

Here are my 6 (unconventional) tips for manifesting more abundance, money and wealth into your life.

  • Recognize that you have an Abundance story and it’s the story that’s keeping you stuck

We all have an Abundance story. Except for most of us that story and relationship is rather strained (to put it politely).

Most of us hold an Abundance story interspersed with a lot of anxiety, worry and fear. Many of us feel “abandoned” by Abundance and Wealth. 

When most people think of wealth and abundance, it brings up a whole heap of negative baggage that raises cortisol levels and our heart rate.

Ask yourself – What is the Abundance story I’ve been telling myself?

  • You’re in a “it’s complicated” situation with Abundance 

Without realizing it, most of us are in an unhealthy, dysfunctional, drama-filled relationship with Abundance.  The result? A bank account less full than we’d like and a relationship leaving us fill unsatisfied and frustrated.

So it may come as a surprise to hear that you need relationship therapy. Yep, relationship therapy for your relationship with money and Abundance. Find a mindset, money or transformational coach that you help you begin redesigning your relationship with Abundance.

  • Your definition of Abundance is keeping you stuck

Our definitions limit us and they limit our reality. Nearly every client I have ever worked with has thought that Abundance is simply another word for “Money”. And most of them have had a complicated relationship with money.

Ask yourself –  What does Abundance mean to me? Does this definition serve me? Or does it always keep me out of the bliss club?

Once you realize that your current definition of Abundance is keeping you stuck, you can start to create a new belief system around Abundance by asking yourself  – What do you NOW choose to believe about Abundance?

  • It’s all about feeling good

We tap into the vibration and frequency of abundance by “feeling good”. It’s really that simple.

But we’ve been so conditioned to believe that:

  1. Abundance is limited to money; and
  2. Money is supposed to be a hard slog that is scarce to find; and
  3. We need to be stressed out in the process.

This is false. The vibration of Abundance is open, expansive, grounded and fun. It is happy, blissful and limitless.

Write a list of the things that “feel good” to you knowing that these things may have nothing to do with money and go and do them. Observe the results.

  • Abundance is like the sun

Our brain is very good at filtering out information.

According to Dr Joe Dispenza, the human body sends 11 millions bits of information per second to the brain for processing, yet the conscious mind seems to only be able to process 50 bits per second.

Once we can accept that we’re excellent filters of information, we can realize that if we’re not seeing what we want in our lives, it’s probably because we’re filtering the good stuff out.

Know this – Abundance is all around you. You’ve just been programmed and conditioned to miss it. Start looking for it.

“If we have very strong beliefs about something, evidence to the contrary could be sitting right in front of us, but we may not see it because what we perceive is entirely different.” Joe Dispenza

  • “Unstuck” Yourself

Anytime I feel “stuck”, I realize it’s not a matter of circumstances, but a matter of curiosity.

Often we only ask questions that we think we’re going to know the answer to INSTEAD of posing a question that pokes the edges of our current realm of understanding.

Instead ask questions that are playful, complex, expansive and open-ended.

Ask questions without needing any answer.

This simple process shifts your perspective, your energy and allows space for the unexpected to occur so that you’re not playing out your same old money story.

Curiosity is free. And all that’s required is a sense of childlike wonder for the world. 

Ready to uplevel your Abundance? Join me for the next free 5-day Abundance Challenge by registering your spot here.

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