6 Gifts 2020 Has Given Me

2020. Where to begin?

I don’t think anyone has been immune from the profound transformations that this year has offered us. Like I said in one of my posts earlier in the year, 2020 was the collective ayahuasca journey and purge that we didn’t know we needed.

And it has certainly felt that way for me.

It started with me getting locked out of the US.

Separated from my dog and my life as I knew it.

Turning up to be with family.

As the world shut down and Melbourne went into lockdown.

And I was unable to “escape” in search of my usual adventures.

Life made a number of demands of me this year. And she was ruthless in my total surrender to the process of her Flow.

I am deeply grateful and in awe grateful for 2020 for the exponential personal growth. And the dissolution of the illusions that had kept me asleep.

2020 hardened me and made me more resilient. 

But it also allowed me to move deeper into my heart, to let love in.

Here are my most profound personal insights that I’ve gathered.

The Genius in Simplicity

2020 taught us a lot about the things that matter to us. 2020 asked us to review our priorities in life and to get clear on what matters and what’s just the noise and chatter of life.

Who am I? 

And how do I really want to be living my life?

This year, I really learnt what matters to me – my time to myself, my loved ones and personal visions. 

So I made adjustments accordingly – I downsized my life, I cancelled my commitments, closed some of my programs and let go of obligations. I made my team smaller and I carved out time in my calendar for the most important client in my life – me.

My strategy for next year is wildly different to what I’ve done these past few years – I’m going to keep business simple in 2021. Live trainings. No fancy funnels and a tiny team. More storytelling. Less noise. Sharing from my soul.

And each week I’m going to ask Mama Life one simple question – Life, what do you want me to share with the world? And I’ll go do that.

The Art of Surrender

Life asked one thing of me this year as I was locked in my house like Rapunzel – How much are you willing to let go of in order to become the woman you’re going to be?

My answer was simple, “whatever is required…”

And so I’ve dutifully let go.

Of baggage. Of people. Of obligations.

And stories that have not served me.

In preparation for what’s to come.

Has it been easy? No. My stubborn ego has not enjoyed the process.

But I find solace in a truth I hold close to my heart – Something incredible is always around the corner.

In 2021, I’ll continue questioning my internal stories, beliefs and every emotion that courses through my body. 

And then I’ll let go some more. 

We live in a multidimensional reality

2020 saw me travel deep down rabbit holes into deeper and deeper layers of my inner and outer reality. I saw so many of my old illusions fall away in front of my eyes. I explored the layers of my own darkness, emotions and illusions as I watched it all play in my external reality.

Some things led me astray. Some things blew my mind. But 2020 definitely left me in awe of the depths of the matrix.

And the hold that the Matrix (the mother, the womb) holds over our lives.

In 2020, I travelled far and wide in my exploration of “reality” and I arrived at one simple truth – I don’t know.

I’ll never know.

The “Truth”.

And the answers I seek.

So I may as well enjoy the process of living. And expanding. While gracefully watching other humans do the same in their chosen version of REAL-ity.

In 2021, I commit to searching inwards for my truth and letting that guide while I stand in the midst of the external Storm. 

And sharing what I discover with others through my free content – video, podcast and training. Unedited. Raw. And anchored in at the highest level that I can access. 

I’m here to live an authentic expression of my truth

This year life demanded that I release the people pleaser. And the deep layers of shame and unworthiness that I wanted to cling into as I practised sharing my truth.

In 2020, I decided that I do not owe others an explanation for who I am and what I believe to be true. I removed people from my life that were toxic and determined to “take me down a notch”.

In 2021, I commit to surrounding myself with even more people that love me, understand me and want to see me succeed. No exceptions. 

Love can find you in the most unlikely of places

I stepped into 2020 ready for love and soul partnership.

And I completely let go of any attached to the outcome in full trust and knowing that life is always working for my highest good.

And it was in that place of non attachment that love found me.

In a way that I could never have guessed or predicted.

As I continue to explore love in all of its shapes and forms in 2021, I make a simple commitment – to go ALL IN with love.

In how I love myself.

And how I love my purpose mate.

And my clients.

And my loved ones.

And humanity as a whole. 

In 2021, I commit to exploring the deeper depths of compassion and understanding as they reveal themselves to me. All in. Heart open.


The final lesson is deceptively simple.

And yet 2020 taught me this in spades.

To be grateful to be able to sit in a cafe and order breakfast and a coffee.

To run a business from anywhere in the world.

To be grateful for my powerful body that has taken such amazing care of me.

Gratitude for the people I love and for those I am surrounded by.

And deep gratitude for this fleeting Dream called Life.

In 2021, I’m going to dive into the abyss.

Ruthlessly peeling back the illusions.

Stepping deeper into my knowing and my power.

Ready to take on whatever ebbs, flows and waves this reality is ready to send me.


Loren x 

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