21 things that will increase your income, your abundance and your impact…

When most people think about “Abundance” they tend to think about monetary abundance.

However abundance is many things on multiple levels – material/physical, mental, emotional and spiritual abundance.

It’s also a particular frequency with it’s own special “blueprint” that is readily accessible to all human beings….often for free. 

This means that abundance is a way of thinking and doing but it is also a way of Being first and foremost.

Here are 21 things that you can experiment with to increase your abundance, your impact, and your income:

  1. Delete all of your social media apps on your phone. Stop consuming. Use social for DMs and to share your creations.
  2. Serve more…or receive more? Most people are out of sync with the give/receive cycle. Figure out where you sit and then do more of the opposite.
  3. Talk to plants, trees, animals and little kids daily. They love sharing wisdom with you.
  4. Have a daily dance party or a shake down. Stuck energy wreaks havoc.
  5. Play the “I wonder…” game daily and ask really outlandish questions.
  6. Plan your life day-by-day. Planning too far into the future keeps us stuck in old, predictable timelines.
  7. Fall in love with your life and life always has to fall in love with you. Romance yourself daily.
  8. Tie your money goals with a mission. Oceans will part when you give your income goals a powerful mission and purpose.
  9. Create S P A C E  in your physical container to receive more and stop consuming anything that lowers your vibration. I don’t eat animal products anymore or drink alcohol.
  10. Drink 2L of water a day. Energy needs something to move through uninhibited. I’m obsessed with my Water System.
  11. Wear your best clothes even if you’re working from home. It will raise your vibration. I wear sparkles daily.
  12. If you’re not motivated, spend the day or a few hours having fun and playing.
  13. Stop going to low vibe places where people are operating in fear. Order online instead or shop at local “mom and pop” shops.
  14. Do NOT allow anything negative to enter your subconscious mind. This includes TV, music and links people love to send you.
  15. Create and update your vision board regularly. Place it somewhere you can see it all the time. Do not let the world distract you from your dreams.
  16. Use money to hack the emotions of joy and bliss. Currency is simply “currents of chi”.
  17. When stuck, go and do something you’re really curious about at the moment even if it has nothing to do with business and work. It will guide you to the next place where you’re supposed to be.
  18. Speak to God, your higher self and your guides daily. All of the answers are actually contained within.
  19. Be open to unlearning everything you have learnt about the world in order to create the life you want. You are not your identity, your beliefs or your behaviors.
  20. Invest in your healing. Trauma and negative emotions and beliefs are the biggest blocks to any goal.
  21. Remember that you are the Creator of your reality and this is a game that you chose to play for a short period of time. Go and create everything you desire!
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